MB0042 – Managerial Economics - Feb drive 2011

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Q.1 Price elasticity of demand depends on various factors. Explain each factor with the help of an example.

Q.2 A company is selling a particular brand of tea and wishes to introduce a new flavor. How will the company forecast demand for it ?

Q.3 The supply of a product depends on the price. What are the other factors that will affect the supply of a product.

Q.4 Show how producers equilibrium is achieved with isoquants and isocost curves.

Q.5 Discuss the full cost pricing and marginal cost pricing method. Explain how the two methods differ from each other.

Q.6 Discuss the price output determination using profit maximization under perfect competition in the short run. [Type text] [Type text] Feb drive 2011

Master of Business Administration - MBA Semester I
MB0042 – Managerial Economics - Feb drive 2011

Q.1 Income elasticity of demand has various applications. Explain each application with the help of an example.

Q.2 When is the opinion survey method used and what is the effectiveness of the method.

Q.3 Show how price is determined by the forces of demand and supply, by using forces of equilibrium.

Q.4 Distinguish between fixed cost and variable cost using an example.

Q.5 Discuss Marris Growth Maximization model and show how it is different from the Sales maximization model.

Q.6 Explain how fiscal policy is used to achieve economic stability.

Master of Business Administration-MBA Semester I
Subject Code – MB0043
Human Resource Management - Jan 2011

Q.1 Write down the difference between Personnel management and Human Resource management.[10 Marks]

Q.2 Write a note on scope of HR in India. [10 Marks]

Q.3 Explain the critical steps in Human Resource Planning system .[10 Marks]

Q.4 With reference to the compensation and salary system what are the systems that are helpful to raise the effectiveness of employees.[10 Marks]

Q.5 What is competency? How it can be linked to the HR system? [10 Marks]

Q.6 “Dynamic Learning” is an organization that wants to revise the HR policies. It has conducted a survey and the results of survey indicated that r=there is employee unrest, tardiness, absenteeism, more grievances. This all clearly indicates low morale. Suggest the measures that can be taken to improve employee morale. [10 Marks]

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